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Possibility Space in Pispala, Tampere

Possibility Space is an open cultural space, which acts in the middle ground of artistic activity, reality research and community activity. Our purpose is to offer a special place where different people can meet, create things and communities, and enrich the local culture in the area. We organize various creative and communal activities: meetings, performances, workshops, discussions, exhibitions, parties, lectures, hobby groups, courses, gigs and open evening events. A special goal of our space is the emergence of more open and playful interaction between people, and interesting activities that can activate everyone's own inner creativity.


We do not only produce events. We also want to activate locality and its own creative potentials. The space functions as a community point, where people can gather, organize locally interesting activities themselves, and explore and try out their possibilities. At the same time, it wants to act as a common living room and playground for both adults and children.


Art is an important part of Possibility Space. We regularly organize gigs and other performance-oriented evenings, as well as various opportunities for visitors to do creative things. The space offers artists not only performance space, but also space to practice and play. In performances and gigs we are interested in experimenting with the interaction between the performer and the audience.


We believe that creative energy is not only related to artistic work but belongs to all people as an opportunity to do all kinds of fun things! The space and its activities aim to enable free self-expression and creativity in many forms, not only within the framework of traditional art.


Possibility Space dreams, explores, and strives to offer people possibilities that continue to open new possibilities and still new possibilities! We support all kinds of inspiration to bloom and, if necessary, help with the implementation. You can always contact us, make suggestions and ask questions!


Possibility Space is maintained by a nonprofit association This Is Going to Be Such an Incredible World.

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